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Some historical notes

Back in 2009 I made the switch from Windows to Ubuntu. Almost all my applications could nicely be replaced by a native Ubuntu program. Only one thing was missing badly. With Windows I could wirelessly stream my audio from iTunes to my AirPort Express. There was some functionality offered from pulseaduio-module-raop but I experienced it to be very unstable, mainly due to limitations of the Airport Express device and of Avahi.

This is when I started developing Stream2ip. My aim was to create an application wrapper that could connect to a streaming device with not more than a mouse click from the user.

Over the years more and more solutions to stream audio in a network were added. At present we can support not only the Airport Express but also Bluetooth audio devices, Pulse Audio native RTP/Multicast streams, Inernet Radio streams via Icecast, and streaming to a DLNA renderer via various solutions.