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  1. Hello there,

    at first one million thanks for this wonderful Programm. I use it on Ubuntu 17.10 for streaming a livestream to my Pioneer-audio-receiver in the local network and sometimes to a friend via www.

    I just have one problem. When i use Clementine or Audacious as audio-player the mp3-tags are not shown in stream2ip, even when the player is choosed in settings. On Audacious i get a notice “Searching Audicious”.

    Only when i choose Rhytmbox the tags are working fine.

    WIth Linux-Mint and Clementine the tags are working fine too, but how to show the mp3-tags with Clementine and Ubuntu 17.10?

    Thanks a lot in preview! 🙂


    1. Hi Peter,
      thanks for the notice. DBus tag notifications may have changed recently. I’ll have a look into this and let you know if there was a quick fix to that issue. Consider to use my bug tracker at Launchpad where we can also upload and discuss log files or provide bugfixes for testing.

      Update: a fix is now available for download from comment #1 at Launchpad bug 1732533

    1. We can put PulseAudio in RTP sender mode. This will create a sink accessible trough your LAN from any other PulseAudio instance. This “receiver” will have to be configured as RTP receiver e.g. using paprefs or from the command line with pactl load-module module-rtp-recv. You should then see the “sender” as an additional output sink in your sound settings.

    1. Unfortunatley we are presently unable to connect to more than one UPnP client simultaneously, sorry about that. We can however provide an “Internet Radio” stream via Icecast that can simultaneously be received by multiple clients.

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