Publish a media directory with uShare

We need ushare to be installed and set up. uShare will be started to connect external devices to the directories given in the path settings. As soon as we give in a valid path in the stream2ip settings line uShare will be started. On the external renderer we should then see “stream2ip” UPnP-server.

Sharing multiple media directories needs them to be separated with a blank :

/home/user/music /home/user/video

With the file selector box only one path at a time can be selected.

Use miniDLNA / readyMedia to share media

If minidlna was installed we can also use this to provide DLNA shares. Other that the default set-up stream2ip allows it to run in userspace. In the setting give


(instead of a path) to start miniDLNA. On first run an existing /etc/minidlna.conf will be copied to ~/.config/stream2ip.

Please edit ~/.config/stream2ip/minidlna.conf to define media directory paths and other DLNA parameters.

Note: settings made in this file here will not work if MiniDLNA runs system wide.