This is Stream2ip

Stream2ip is designed to connect to a selection of Linux audio streaming solutions by just a single click (or even from autostart)

Tune any Internet radio capable device to your private radio station which is being created from audio you play on your computer. Or push your audio to a DLNA renderer, an Airport Express or a Bluetooth audio device in your network. Start a DLNA server for file serving in userspace to ease configuration.

Supported solutions

*-8 Internet Radio – send audio to an Icecast Internet radio stream.

*-8 UpnP/DLNA – access files with miniDLNA or uShare.

*-6 DLNA live – use pulseaudio-dlna to push live streams to a DLNA renderer.

*-13 Airport Express – stream audio to an Airport Express using pulseaudio RAOP.

*-2 Bluetooth – make a Bluetooth device the default audio output sink.