Install Manually from Source


Stream2ip can be run from any location by unpacking the source package after download from any of the following locations:


We need to have installed the following packages as a dependency:

python (>=3.0), python3-gi, python3-dbus

Depending on the streaming solution we wish to use we may also need one or more of the following packages (on a system using apt we can also install these later from the stream2ip setup program if python3-apt was installed).

pulseaudio-utils, ushare,  minidlna, icecast2,  darkice, ices, ices2, python-mutagen, pulseaudio-dlna
Intall and run application

To run stream2ip open a terminal in the unpacked archive’s directory stream2ip-gtk3 and run

python3 [options]

By running the install script provded with the package source from a teminal with

sudo install

stream2ip will install to /usr/share/stream2ip on your system. Startup scripts and application launchers are provided.

The application can then be started from the .desktop file or by running the following command in a teminal:

stream2ip [options]

The following command line options are available:

-? help -help show manpage
-v -V --verbous: run with verbous output for debugging
-l -L --log: append output to a log file in ~/.config/stream2ip/
-s -S --setup: run preferences dialog only.

Installation to any other locations can be done by running:

sudo python3 install [--install-lib=/path/to/library]