Air Port Express

Only first generations devices (advertised as “Air Tunes”) and those not needing a password can be used with stream2ip. Later devices (advertised as “Air Play”) need the RAOP2 protocol, which is not (yet) available for pulseaudio.

There is no Linux way to set up the AirPort Express. This has to be done from Windows (a VM will work too) or an Apple Computer.

Stream2ip needs the following additional package installed to your system to be able to connect to an Airport Express:


After the Airport Express had finished its initiation routine on startup (60 s or more) its IP will be present in the wireless network, ready to be connected through stream2ip.

In the settings give in the IP and optional the port used


On “Autoconnect” stream2ip will wait (yellow indicator) for the presence of the Airport Express before connecting (green indicator). If the Airport Express was lost intermittently it will try to reconnect to it.

As soon as a connection was successfully done the audio device will be switched to the AirPort Express, and if a stream was playing it will be switched to the new device.

Sound will stream with a delay of 6s. If sound is choppy try with other media players or try to optimize the signal strength of the wireless connection.

Example setting line: